Shades Gang Contest

2009-03-30 23:18:18 by AxeShades

Hey guys... Novashades is going to host a flash contest on If you wanna try to win some cash, join the gang and let him know you're willing to participate.

It doesn't matter how bad or good you are at flash. seriously. just look at the money and say "i want that". make a flash. bam, you are eligible for it.

Shades Gang Contest

Stronger Colab

2007-10-21 12:48:22 by AxeShades

why hello thar.

Shades Gang is working on a colab called Stronger. It is a music video for the song Stronger by Kanye West :P

And i listened to the Daft Punk version... i like the remake better.

If you want to join, sign up at the Shades Gang Forum:

and submit your parts in the topic under Collaberations.